Our agenda will include some of the most forward-thinking IT leaders and industry commentators, coming together to explore today’s technology and business imperatives, and openly sharing how they are managing and transforming IT within their organisations.

For this year's Summit, we are delighted to have Magnus Lindkvist headline our agenda.


Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus is a renowned trendspotter, futurologist and author, and an active member of TED – the world’s leading trends forum. In a world that requires increased agility and innovation, he mixes business facts with a visionary perspective that challenges our entire way of thinking. As one of the most sought-after speakers on future-thinking, megatrends and trendspotting, he asks two questions relentlessly: “What’s going on in the world?” and “Where is this all heading?” As a trendspotter and futurologist, these questions fuel his curiosity and enable him to inspire and provoke the minds of audiences around the world.

To date he has authored three books: Everything We Know is Wrong: The Trendspotter’s Handbook (2009), The Attack of the Unexpected: A Guide to Surprises and Uncertainty (2010), and When The Future Begins: A Guide to LongTerm Thinking (2013).

A management consultant and filmmaker by background, Magnus mixes quantifiable business facts with the visionary art of ‘futurology.’ In his own words, his presentations are designed to generate ‘ahhs, ha-has and ahas.’

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