European TBM Summit 2017 features speakers and sessions that span the entire IT organisation focusing on the theme of “Imagination Technology”.

In addition to discussing areas such as technical innovation, agility, digitalisation and Cloud, our agenda includes topics such as communicating IT’s value to the business, optimising IT costs and investments, planning efficiently and accurately, and transforming the IT operating model.

We are delighted to have the following industry leaders headline our agenda:

  • Debra Bailey, CIO, Nationwide Building Society
  • Sunny Gupta, Co-founder, President and CEO, Apptio
  • Bhushan Ivaturi, CIO, Maersk Oil and Gas
  • Magnus Lindkvist, renowned Trend-spotter, Futurologist and Author
  • Scott Marcar, Chief Technology Officer, Deutsche Bank
  • Dean Nelson, Head of Global Compute, Uber
  • Chris Pick, President & Founder, TBM Council
  • Jenny Wood, Head of Performance & Business Management and Robert Grassie, Head of TBM Office, Royal Bank of Scotland


08:00 - 09:00Registration & Coffee
09:00 - 09:30
Welcome & Introduction

Debra Bailey

CIO, Nationwide Building Society

Chris Pick

President & Founder, TBM Council
09:30 - 10:00
Keynote: The Beauty of Simplifying IT

Dean Nelson

Head of Global Compute, Uber

Technology is complicated, but the Business of IT should be simple. Join Dean Nelson, Head of Compute at Uber, as he shares his journey to drive scale, efficiency and business value through structure, insights and community collaboration. Learn how the infrastructure team is optimising the engine powering Uber, the highest valued and fastest growing startup in the world, by applying the lessons learned from the split of the Ebay & PayPal $250Bn commerce engine.

10:00 - 10:45
Keynote: Driving Performance, Agility and Strategic Change at the Royal Bank of Scotland

Jenny Wood

Head of Performance and Business Management

Robert Grassie

Head of TBM Office
10:45 - 11:15Networking Break & EXPO
11:15 - 12:00
Keynote: Enabling Cost Optimisation, Competitive Differentiation and Scalability at Maersk Oil & Gas

Bhushan Ivaturi

VP & CIO, Maersk Oil & Gas
12:00 - 12:45
Keynote: The Power of Technology Business Management in the Age of Hybrid IT

Sunny Gupta

Co-founder, President and CEO, Apptio
12:45 - 14:00Lunch & EXPO
14:00 - 14:30

Breakout 1, Old Billiard Room

TBM - Supporting a Global Platform based IT Strategy at Unilever

Anne Marie Purcell, TBM Lead

Anne Marie will outline how Unilever, a global consumer goods organisation, is moving to a platform-based IT model and how embedding TBM has been key to achieving this platform approach, as well as reducing complexity and supporting cost recovery within its global organisation. Anne Marie will also share the challenges that have been overcome along the journey, the successes and achievements that TBM has delivered for Unilever throughout the implementation, and how TBM is planned to support Unilever's future strategy.

Breakout 2, Annexe

The Digital Transformation Journey at BMC: The TBM Perspective

Blaine Bryant, Director, IS&T Finance

BMC is a market leader in the Digital Enterprise Management space. Blaine will share the digital transformation journey at BMC, the challenges they faced internally, the strategy they chose to meet those challenges, how they measure the success of transformation through TBM techniques, and lessons learned along the way.

Breakout 3, Salon

How TBM is supporting Business Transformation at Uniper

Tobias Arenhövel, Vice President Business Services Controlling

In this session Tobias will cover:

  • How Uniper has changed from a large group to an SME due to the split from E.ON
  • The huge transformation that the whole company has to undergo
  • Goal: To stay competitive within the market and develop a new strategy
  • IT has to act at same speed as an enabler
  • Value add from IT: Agile delivery, Innovation, low admin, quick adaption to new processes
  • How to draw value from the TBM framework in such an environment?

14:35 - 15:05

Breakout 4, Old Billiard Room

The Implementation Journey at Maersk Oil & Gas: Lessons Learned & Early Insights

Joe Kelly, Head of IT Finance

In this session Joe will outline:

  • The key factors in the decision to adopt a TBM methodology and the Apptio solution
  • Lessons Learned – what do I wish we had known before starting?
  • Implementation timescale and specific challenges, including implementing a CMDB in SNOW at the same time
  • The Data Journey
  • Early insights and results
  • What’s next? How do we intend to continue the journey?

Breakout 5, Annexe

Transforming Planning from Tactical Exercise to Strategic Discipline

Bill Balnave, Regional Vice President Solutions Consulting, Apptio

Join Bill Balnave of Apptio as he discusses how IT can transform planning from a tactical checkbox exercise to a disciplined and operational activity that provides strategic value to the business. Bill will talk about best practices and learnings from his work with customers worldwide. The session will be interactive and provide time for Q&A.

Breakout 6, Salon

Impact of a changing IT business model on performance management

Jens Reichert, Head of Controlling

  • Amadeus: technology at the heart of travel
  • From mainframe to open systems to 2 speed IT
  • Introducing the ‘New Normal’
  • Efficiency gains as main source for funding of business transformation
  • What did it take to implement TBM at Amadeus?
  • How TBM is supporting cost transparency at Amadeus

15.10 - 15.40

Breakout 7, Old Billiard Room

Operationalising TBM to Drive Innovation and new digital business models at Danske Bank

Fredrik Lannerberth, Senior Vice President and Head of IT Finance

Danske Bank is recognised as a leader in the digital transformation underway in the Nordic financial sector. Having achieved in 2016 its best financial result in its 145 year old history, IT cost management is more important than ever in accelerating the Bank’s transformation, whether for optimising infrastructure utility services, building private cloud environments, planning an application decommissioning journey, or costing new customer applications.

Danske Bank’s award winning peer-to-peer mobile payment solution recently became the de facto Danish mobile payment standard, using an innovative business model, where the platform is shared with direct competitor banks, driving demand for costing an application to include multiple external stakeholders, with increasing demand on accuracy and documentation.

Fredrik will share the story about how TBM can be operationalised, from a starting point in technology optimisation to supporting innovation and new digital business models. The entire Danske Bank TBM team is present and looking forward to engaging with the audience on discussing different aspects of the TBM adoption from a strategic, implementation and technology perspective.

Breakouts 8, Annexe

To Cost Management and Beyond!…… Shell’s Quest to IT Value Transparency

Stephen Turner, Application Portfolio Management Owner

Shell has driven cost reductions in its IT operations and developed a cost-conscious culture throughout the IT organsiation by adopting and embedding the Technology Business Management (TBM) principles of cost transparency . A significant step was establishing a consistent portfolio review approach supported by role based reporting. Building on this solid cost management foundation has enabled Shell to take the next step in the TBM journey; IT Value Transparency.

In this session Stephen Turner will share how the principles of TBM have enabled Shell to go beyond cost management to identify and track the business value of its IT investments. Using TBM as a platform Shell has integrated both cost and value management enabling IT Managers to show how IT adds value to the organisation and driving value conversations with business partners.

Breakout 9, Salon

Getting Started with TBM: Creating a Compelling Business Case & Securing Stakeholder Buy-in at Deloitte

Andrew Van Cuylenburg, Head of Strategy and Technology Business Management, IT Services

Implementing any new and transformational technology or business model requires a compelling business case and sponsorship from key stakeholders. Having recently gone through this process within Deloitte, Andrew shares his learnings and advice on building a narrative on:

  • Why TBM is a necessity. What will it change? What business outcomes will it drive?
  • What organisational and people elements need to be in place?
  • Securing executive stakeholder buy-in
  • How to sell the vision across the organisation, whilst managing expectations
  • Managing risk
  • Roadmap

15:45 - 16.15Networking Break & EXPO
16:15 - 17:00
Keynote: Banking in a Digital World: Spotlight on Technology Transformation

Scott Marcar

CTO, Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank is on a journey becoming a technology-driven company to win back market share with new, cutting-edge ideas. To succeed with banking in a digital world means being quick to bring new services to market, agile in responding to fast changing customer behaviours, trying out new things where the cost of failure is low, incorporating client feedback quickly, collaborating with external partners such as fintechs and start-ups, while maintaining good governance and being cost efficient.

In his presentation, Scott Marcar will showcase how the bank is moving away from legacy structures towards a modern tec

17:00 - 17.45
Keynote: Why The Future Begins - How to Create Tomorrow

Magnus Lindkvist

A high-energy, slightly eclectic and amusing re-think of what the future is. Instead of the common ”new tech is coming”-view that most people associate with future thinking, we will look a mental framework that will enable you to create - not just get stuck in the headlights of - tomorrow.

17:45 - 18:00
Closing Remarks - Debra Bailey
18:00 - 18:45Cocktail Reception, 8 Northumberland Avenue
18:45 - 19:00Walk to The National Gallery
19:00 - 22:00Special Event at The National Gallery - The Imaginarium

Agenda is subject to change

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